Facebook – The Home of Relationship Scammers

I couldn’t help myself but make a comment to him that he needs to wake up.

Most of you already know I met my beautiful and gorgeous second wife Pam through Facebook.

If you don’t, click and read my Young Love – Never Too Old post and wonder in all it’s magic.

So I’m really OK with Facebook when it comes to dating and meeting new and wonderful people.


Facebook Dating and ‘The Con’

Before I met Pam, I used the Facebook Social Network exclusively to meet new ladies and it was a good process.

Whether you’re a woman or a man, dating can be a time consuming activity so smoothing it out into a process saves time and energy.

So, Facebook worked magically for us.

When I say ‘magic’, just look at the person my wife is – she is magic … she is my love.

Here comes the con though …..

Love, or the hope of love, has a tendency to blind us from reality.

I recently stumbled upon a Public Facebook status conversation between a woman I approved as a friend and a guy she knew. From the outside looking in, it read like a woman dangling a worm in the water and waiting for the fish to bite.

This really does remind me of a post I did back in August 2010 when she was getting Random Guy Flirts on Facebook.

It was blatantly obvious she was luring the guy and the guy hadn’t a clue.

I couldn’t help myself but make a comment to him that he needs to wake up. Thankfully, it worked too. He gathered his senses and told the woman (if it was actually a woman behind the identity) it was over.


Believe It or Not …

A few days later (probably a coincidence), I get someone both comment on my cover photo – that’s the one with myself and Pam in the shot, saying they (she) would love to know more about me.

The Great Facebook Internet Love Scam  - Cover Photo of Martin Cooney with Pamela Allen

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Then I get a random Private Message from the same person saying ‘I will love to find the right man to spend the rest of my life with.’.

My reply? ‘Definitely, that’s the eternal dream, isn’t it?

Well, the reply from her was unexpected and tells the story of more Facebook Dating Scams.

Check the screenshot below – click to enlarge is a good thing.

The Great Facebook Internet Love Scam - Private Message

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Let’s See If It Is a Scam …

The reply I got from ‘her’ was suspect, to say the least.

So with my enquiring mind, I went a hunting.

Let’s simply check her profile as a start.

Follow along with me here and make any comments if you agree or disagree. I love the saying ‘If it smells like a fish then it probably is’.

If this smells like a Facebook Dating Scam then it probably is.

Have a peek at ‘her’ profile and in particular, her list of friends. Click the image below to enlarge.

The Great Facebook Internet Love Scam  - Womans Profile small

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See anything common, like they’re all guys?


What Happens To a Guy’s Common Sense?

I don’t know about you but I’m 53 years young.

Yeah, I’m an older guy who loves my lady.

I’m pretty sure some 20 or 30-something isn’t likely to see me and immediately launch into an instant ‘love at first sight‘ Facebook message.

So why do guys drop their load when it happens to them and go ga-ga ?

Social Media is wonderful to connect with friends.

Social Media has also become a rampant disaster for cons and scams, especially Facebook – I see it growing, more and more.


Over To You

Now that we’ve reached the bottom, here’s what you can do next:

  • So why do guys lose common sense when approached by what’s obviously a scam?
  • Have you been approached on Facebook by some random person looking to hook-up?
  • Do you know anyone that’s fallen prey to these scammy characters? What happened?
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Express your thoughts, in the comments below.

The Great Facebook Internet Love Scam Continues 1

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