Did You Know Eating Together Can Save Your Marriage?

Any marriage is difficult, but marriage can be made even harder when partners work opposite shifts.

A successful marriage takes communication, and communication can be impossible when you only see each other in passing five days out of the week.

save a marriage and eat together

Follow along with these tips and tell us whether you do them

If you and your spouse work opposite shifts, here are five ways that you can make sure your marriage doesn’t fall by the wayside:

Take the Same Day Off

If you are at a job that allows you to bid for shifts, try to take the same days off as your spouse.

Even one shared day off can give you time to do things together that you enjoy.

If you are able to take a day off together, don’t spend it running errands or visiting family if you can help it.

Dedicate the day to the two of you and spend it doing something fun.


Eat Together

Make a deal with each other that you will eat dinner together at least one night a week.

This may mean that you need to adjust your dinner time, but it will give you an hour of uninterrupted talk time.

Turn the ringers off on your phones, keep the television off and turn the radio on.

You don’t have to have a romantic dinner by candlelight, but you do have to have a dinner where your sole focus is each other.


Meet for Lunch

dining can be simple with togetherness

Meeting up can even be as simple as a conversational coffee together.
What counts is that it’s … together

You don’t have to meet for lunch every day of the week, but a once-weekly lunch date can go a long way to establishing a line of communication.

Meet your spouse at work on his or her lunch break or meet at a favorite restaurant.

Alternatively, you can grab a couple of sandwiches on your way and meet in a nearby park.

Not only will you have a great lunch together, but your spouse will get a much-needed break from the office.


Leave Notes

Getting creative with sticky notes can be a great way to let your spouse know that you are thinking about them.

Leave sticky notes around the house for your spouse to find while you are at work, or post sticky notes on your spouse’s steering wheel, stick them in their lunch, or recruit one of your spouse’s co-workers to leave them on his or her desk for you.

Leaving sticky notes will let your spouse know that they are on your mind when you aren’t together.


Play Hookie

While it’s never advisable to abuse sick time, call off once in a while to spend the day with your spouse.

You can also use a day of camp, vacation, or holiday time if your employer offers such.

Taking the day off to spend with your spouse will make them feel special and appreciated. You don’t have to tear up the town on your day off; you can stay in bed, cuddle on the couch or even work in the yard.

Just make sure that you don’t leave the house if you call off sick; you don’t want to run the risk of getting caught.

To save your marriage takes effort, but having opposite shifts can make marriage more difficult than normal.

If you get creative with the attention that you pay to your spouse, your marriage can not only survive opposite work shifts but can thrive in the face of them.


Over To You

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  • Do you actually find the time to sit down and dine with your partner?
  • Do you make other times to share a meal with them?
  • What are other ways to enjoy your partner, involving food?
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