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John Green  …  Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we’re quoting

Great quote and especially so when you apply it to yourself and your relationships.

I’ve been gathering quotes I relate to, for a while now.

It’s even more interesting for me as I also attach experience to the quote, as a form of reinforcement.

Thought I’d share a few with you as I’d love to hear a few of your own if you have a spare minute or two.

Let me know what you think in the comments too.



My Favourite Relationship Quotes 1

Are you squandering your life away with a lack of purpose?

Stop wandering around your life with no goal or higher purpose.

I know myself, when I’m totally immersed in a project for the benefit of others, I’m in harmony with my true calling.

A nice reminder that we’re on this planet for something more than just ourselves.


This one was more about getting focus, for me.

So much in life, we focus on the ‘can’t do’ areas as opposed to what it is we are really good at.

We’re all individuals who have an enormous number of gold nuggets within.

Use your powers and give them the focus.


This is also a great one for a self-confidence boost too.

My Favourite Relationship Quotes 2

Retain your own power.
Be self-confident.
Be strong

The feelings of anything negative that you feel from anything someone else mentions are entirely yours to control within yourself.

I’ve known for such a long time that no matter what I do, say, and act on, I’m never ever going to please everyone all the time.

And that’s simply OK.

I act from respect, honesty, and integrity, and knowing this (within myself) ensures I know that within myself that my actions are right for me.

It’s just important to me!


I now, respectfully, refer to my ex-wife as my late-wife.

That past relationship is over and put to rest – it’s liberating to get over a divorce and move on.

I never dwell on that past.

I could go over it in my head, time and time again but to what end?

So I learned from those past experiences so I could simply slip into and embrace the love of my future.


Since my divorce, this was a lesson for me in humility as well as extreme learning.

Let go of what happened previously and get on with getting on.

Move forward to the wonders and excitement of what The Universe has in store for the rest of my life.

My Favourite Relationship Quotes 3

Or .. Make room in your life for the space for new things to enter

It took a while however I got there and my life is absolutely blossoming.

So many business and personal opportunities coming my way.

This is certainly the only way to believe in yourself to propel your life positively forward.


This one really grabbed me when I read it.

Another way to say ‘When one door closes, another door opens.

The Universe makes it abundantly clear when something happens to you that might seem tragic, it’s a way of saying that it happens for a reason and you’re destined for even greater things.


We’ve all got our faults – that’s just being human.

When you truly and utterly love someone with all your heart, you move into acceptance of who and what they are.

My Favourite Relationship Quotes 4

They should become your perfection, shouldn’t they?

They become faultless.

What a way to experience another human being who you enjoy, unconditionally.


I actually saw this on a sign outside a church while driving along. It rang so true as soon as I saw it.

Often in my past, I was looking at my partner’s fault in anything (and everything). Since those days (and a wonderful new partner), I’ve grown to enjoy unconditional love.

Whatever my partner is and does, I strive to look at them in perfection and she is perfect, in my eyes.


This was one of my own quotes.

We’re the makers of our own destiny.

What we do determines where we end up.

The things we touch, the areas we make strides within all lead to the end result.

The catalyst has many other ‘cause and effect’ with the connected people we’re in touch with too.


One of my own quotes.

Motivating and inspirational words in only a small number of them.

Live. Life. Love. Trust. Heart. Follow your instincts and trust them.

This will lead you to where you are meant to be.

Live your own life, true to your heart instead of trying to live your life through and because of others – doing so will please other people instead of allowing you to fulfill and satisfy your own life. Very much like a lot of women who are married think they’re in that role to simply do their husbands’ bidding.

So wrong.

I’d suggest if they switched this around to be confident in themselves, their husbands will see the magical side of their wives, leading to a far more successful and congruent relationship.


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My Favourite Relationship Quotes 5

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