the great big sex poll

This will be a fantastic and revealing, on the thorny subject of sex.

It’s Common In Both Men And Women

If the topics of interest in the forums are anything to go by, sex is upper most on a lot of people’s minds.

It’s both something all human beings are intimately interested in as well as a somewhat taboo subject.

That latter part means that while we should be completely open about it with the person we love, the feeling of taboo also means we think we shouldn’t talk about it.


And We All Want It ….

Some women aren’t getting it, some men aren’t either.


Sex: Are You Getting Enough? 1
Click to see the larger image of the fantasies of men and women – surprising answers.

Kind of strange when the feeling amongst women is that men want it all the time.

And men think that most women couldn’t care less about having sex, just as long as they get a cuddle or two then they’re OK.

Sex is a strong driver in the health of any relationship.

Yeah, I know, so is communication, empathy, cuddles, transparency, honesty and the list goes on.

But, the intimacy of the shared love that is put into motion through the act of sexual intercourse runs strong in all people.

I’m interested to see the results of the poll, over time.

So, now it’s your turn:

Spend a few anonymous clicks and let us know your true state of sexual fulfilment.

Sex: Are You Getting Enough? 2
Sex, Life and Relationships
These three words are what make up human beings, wouldn’t you agree?

Did We Forget Something?

Let us know in the comments if we left something out.

Sex: Are You Getting Enough? 3

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11 thoughts on “Sex: Are You Getting Enough?”
  1. Firstly – I love infographs like the one above. I could honestly read them all day so if you’d like to keep including them on your site then I’d be very pleased :P

    Secondly – I’ve found that I have a LOT more sex now, as I’m in a loving relationship and a little older, than I did when I was younger and single. I’m not sure if that is a circumstance thing or if it has something to do with my confidence levels then verses now but I’m certainly enjoying a lot more good sex now than I did when I was in university!

    Love your work, Geek. x


    Anita. x

    1. Thanks so much for the visit and the honest comment, Anita – I like infographics too and even better, I love it when visitors have Gravatars :) you really need to grab yourself one :)

      I’m sure it’s probably a mix of confidence as well as the stable and loving relationship, if you ask me. They make most things far better and especially true when you’re able to share with someone you can honestly trust.

      It’s a proud thing to be a woman and enjoy sex as it was meant to be, isn’t it?

      1. I’m all for a Gravatar but, if we’re being honest, don’t know how to set one up. I know how to make one externally but don’t know how to make one specific to this site, for example. Is there a place on here that I’m missing where I upload a picture? :)

        Anita. x

        1. Easy Peasy, Anita.
          Skip on over to – use your email address that you’ve used here, upload a pic and BAM, your pic will display here as well as every other site that uses Gravatars and where you’ve used that email address.

          It’s magic.

  2. I don't think it's all that unusual for a woman to want sex as often, or more so, than a man. I think women have very active imaginations and that can often lend itself toward the sexual. I do think that society has taught women that they are not to act upon their sexual urges because it makes them unseemly or vulgar, but I am glad that in recent decades, it has become more acceptable for women to begin expressing themselves sexually.

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Allyson – great to see new and wonderful people.

      I do most certainly agree. Society has a lot to answer for in how women portray themselves in a sexual capacity. Kind of sad when you think about it though, given that sexual freedom and expression is at every human brings' core.

      Though I'd have to disagree with your last point. In my experience, the so-called beginning of woman's sexual expression is far from where it should be. And I'd suggest women themselves are to blame for their own repression.

      My recent post Understanding the Male Radar

  3. I was a little amazed that as a woman I actually want more sexual activity and I want more variety LOL
    The really surprising thing was I thought I was crazy to think this way but it looks like most of the population crave for that LOL

  4. Nice – from what my girlfriends all say, most guys really don't understand that we like sex as much as you do.
    Getting us into the mood might take a bit of extra practise but when you both realise it's a great experience, things really skyrocket lol
    Oh and I voted for more often and more variety too lol

    1. Ha love this site. Not at all like a lot of relationship sites that uphold weird ideals. I like the freshness of opinions and the variety so thanks.
      I just voted on another poll and saw this one. As I said on the other poll, I was always scared of sex. I know that's silly to say since I've been married for a few years but I now understand it was all in my head LOL

      You know what the funny thing is? Now that I've got rid of that stupidity, sex is fun and enjoyable with my hubby LOL and I want it more than he does too which makes him so happy and that makes everything happy LOL Christ, I wish I had this years ago LOL

      1. It certainly is interesting how the act of sex between to consenting and loving people can be greatly enhanced once both parties are actually uninhibited, isn't it?

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