This will be a fantastic and revealing poll on the thorny subject of sex.

It will literally take you 7.5 seconds to complete with a few clicks so do please take this anonymous poll.

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It’s Common In Both Men And Women

If the topics of interest in the forums are anything to go by, sex is upper most on a lot of people’s minds.

It’s both something all human beings are intimately interested in as well as a somewhat taboo subject.

That latter part means that while we should be completely open about it with the person we love, the feeling of taboo also means we think we shouldn’t talk about it.


And We All Want It ….

Some women aren’t getting it, some men aren’t either.


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Click to see the larger image of the fantasies of men and women – surprising answers.

Kind of strange when the feeling amongst women is that men want it all the time.

And men think that most women couldn’t care less about having sex, just as long as they get a cuddle or two then they’re OK.

Sex is a strong driver in the health of any relationship.

Yeah, I know, so is communication, empathy, cuddles, transparency, honesty and the list goes on.

But, the intimacy of the shared love that is put into motion through the act of sexual intercourse runs strong in all people.

I’m interested to see the results of the poll, over time.

So, now it’s your turn:

Spend a few anonymous clicks and let us know your true state of sexual fulfilment.

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Sex, Life and Relationships
These three words are what make up human beings, wouldn’t you agree?

Did We Forget Something?

Let us know in the comments if we left something out.

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