do you ever feel like you're married to a Klingon?

Weird Searches on Sex

The last three searches on the site were sex, fighting, and Klingons which makes for an interesting mix of what people are potentially looking for on GeekandJock.

Now, while I’m sure the Klingon search ended up here due to the Geek nature of my IT background and I’m also a longstanding Star Trek fan since the early Captain Kirk days, there’ll be little content directly relating to Klingons.

Though, I’d now draw on the mating relationships between Klingons which is very much aggressive.

The funny thing is, this sort of antagonistic behavior is commonplace between men and women in everyday partnerships.

Hence why I found the search for sex and fighting particularly related.


Klingon and Human Parallels

Check this video – does your relationship sometimes feel like it’s got this sort of imbalance? :)


At times, every relationship goes through periods of anger and negative energy.

When two people (from different backgrounds, historical baggage, and gender viewpoints) live together for any length of time, there is going to be conflict at some point.

It’s how those differences of opinion are handled that dictate the quality of a healthy relationship.

Will the two people involved lock horns until one is the eventual winner or do they both view a conflict as a potential growth point?

Obviously, the better option is to undertake a conflict as a brilliant opportunity for conversation that allows the partnership to step up into a higher level of mutual satisfaction and goal achievement.


Sex and Fighting

Now if you’re a guy as well as a Klingon, you might find it perfectly natural to use aggression or even submission engaging tactics to achieve sexual fulfillment – that probably harks back to our primitive caveman times.

Hopefully, you’re not having anger management issues as this might well point to a possibility of the Warrior Gene – see video below for an explanation from good old Dr. Phil.


Times have changed (and for the better). We’re in an age of gender balance (in the majority of areas) and sexual satisfaction is (and should be) viewed as the sexual completion of the couple, as opposed to just one individual.

Whether you’re a man or woman, if you’re getting upset in an area of sex with your partner, you need to find common ground where you’re able to engage in a non-confrontational conversation so both parties are able to seek both resolution as well as a mutually comfortable understanding.

Be prepared for the understanding to sometimes take a while to eventuate as well.

We’re not created equal in all areas.

Some have a better understanding of finances, others have more curiosity about sex, and so on.

We all have interest, disinterest, and curiosity in many different areas to our partners.

This is a good thing as well as one of potential frustration – if you let it, so don’t.


The Final Word On Klingons

We’re human beings in a civilized world and all battling our own frustrations with the ever-changing roles of men and women – to some degree.

We’re not Klingons with pathological aggression disorders.

There’s never a need for fighting or confrontational behavior inside a healthy relationship.

If your goal is to remain with your perfect ‘someone’ for eternity, then there’s a great need to remain calm, conversational well as have the ability to always want to reach a mutual equilibrium in the decision-making process where the two of you have identified a potential imbalance.

Be ok with a partner who is different
Be ok with a partner who is different


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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  • Have you ever had a Klingon in your life??
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