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Dating Younger – Is It Really That Great?

It’s more likely being in love with her looks and youth than anything of substance.

Dating Younger – It’s almost everyone’s fantasy to date someone much younger than yourself.

Is it really something that’s both sustainable as well as real?


What’s Behind It?

I know when I was dating, my male ego thought it would be marvelous when dating younger women.

After all, it’s one of those top male fantasies, ranking a little lower than the threesome (which in itself is a silly fantasy as well)?

The thought of dating someone much younger than yourself gives the feeling you’re also able to live a younger lifestyle.

In reality, it’s more likely being in love with her looks and youth than anything of real substance.

Trult knowing someone is knowing their 'ugly'
Truly knowing someone is knowing their ‘ugly’


What’s The Relationship Downside?

Lifestyle differences are going to play heavily into the success or failure when the age differences are significant.

Consider for a moment the area around energy levels, as one example.

For some older guys with a heavy ‘next day’ work schedule, it’s often a necessity for an early night.

Yet for a woman 20 years younger, she’ll want to be out on the town, into the clubs for some heavy party time.


Many women in their 30s will be fast approaching the want and need to bear children.

A much older male partner is likely to have already been through that and have a fair degree of resistance in revisiting more babies in their late 50s.

That’s a situation for double nappies/diapers.


Health and Death

The saddest of areas are health and death and rarely thought of by either party.

Women invariably outlive their same-age partners.

When the woman is considerably younger, she’s also likely going to be a widow in her 50s and that’s a shame for her.

She’ll be at the start of a new phase in her latter life in either living out her ‘Golden Years’ alone or having to find and love another.

That’s going to be a little tough.



I know a few older guys who are currently in relationships with younger women so, like anything in life, there are exceptions to the rule.

Most men will discover their ‘young woman days’ will lead to a broken relationship.

And come to their senses to find a woman in their own age bracket.

Being able to travel the life goals with someone sharing the same goals, broad interests, as well as energy levels, allows a certain ‘flow’.

While it isn’t a pure age thing, it’s certainly a maturity thing (which is largely affected by age and experience).


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion on Dating Younger

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5 thoughts on “Should You Date Someone Younger?”
  1. I was wondering the same thing as Surfyn. I'm 24 and just started dating an 18-year-old guy. He's mature, knows what he wants in life & I like the fact that we have the same perspectives & beliefs. Also, there's not much pressure from him, physically or emotionally. It's easy being with him.
    But while it's good between us, I have to wonder if this is a good idea because a lot of people are questioning my dating him. I don't want to "mess him up", so to speak.

  2. I like my men younger than myself and that's for maturity, performance and stamina. I do see some of my older male friends with younger women and that's ok with me. If I was an older guy, I'd much much prefer to be screwing a hard young body than a flabby old woman :)

    I think this is more about personal lifestyle alignment though. If it feels good, do it.

    1. Hey surfyn,
      Good to see you commenting on the post and welcome to the site too.
      Like any relationships, there's always exceptions to the rule, though my post goes for guys as well as cougars.

      I'd be interested in knowing the type of age differences you classify as 'older women' as well as your age – mind sharing a little more info?

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