women must stop nagging guys

This is a response to a recent guest post article on the 5 Things Men Do That Women Don’t Like.

Guys love being with their woman

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Stop Nagging

This is probably number one in every man’s book.

While it’s fine to remind guys that they have something to do, to do it continually is a pain in the arse.

Making a guy feel like a schoolboy is still wrong.

Try a little diplomacy and ask if you’d like to remind him and how he’d like to be reminded.

Would you like the same treatment that you dish out to us?


Stop Dredging Crap Up, From The Past

Women have memories like elephants

Somehow I think our lovely ladies hold incriminating tidbits for a thousand years too.

When it comes to discussion or argument time, these minor incidents are dredged up with amazing clarity.

But the guy has usually fixed that problem or at least explained it.

It’s infuriating as well as frustrating to highlight an area the guy has fixed but women still feel it’s important to chastise the guy with his past crap.

Don’t do it!


Be Sexually Comfortable

There are a number of Forum Posts that point to women being very reserved as well as possibly uncomfortable with their own sexuality.

Guys love being with their woman.

They love the closeness and the desire to be with you – in all areas of your life and being.

If you think guys only want sex then you’re sadly mistaken, really. Human beings are innately sexual creatures, at our primal core.

Society is to blame for us being, for want of a better word, ashamed of our sexuality.

5 Things Women Do That Men Don't Like 1
As a woman: Honestly, just how comfortable and truly uninhibited are you with your man?

History has shown modern men and women should cover up and sex is a taboo subject, not to be discussed openly. It’s such a dirty subject. Further crap perpetrated by religion and close-minded individuals.

The sharing of our bodies is a wonderful experience.

Women have lagged behind in being sexually expressive, open, and dominant. Subconsciously insisting sex should be the guy’s responsibility needs to stop and move to equality.

Guys want that to happen.

Women should understand that men feel they are loved through their partners’ enthusiastic interest in sexual activity with them
– For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men

If a woman sees it as a chore and lacks enthusiastic participation, this is most definitely picked up by the guy.

Knowing this, a sexually uncomfortable woman inadvertently portrays a lack of love to her man.

Author’s Note: I know that with a lack of love from my second wife Pam that I go a little quieter than I normally am. How do you react to lower levels of love in your relationships?

That’s sexual dynamics for you!


We’d Prefer To Be A Woman

Only a small percentage of women would confide in their male partners, as they do with other women.

5 Things Women Do That Men Don't Like 2
Do women really think it’s ideal to confide in another woman as opposed to the true person that loves them?

Sometimes, guys feel totally in the dark as to what’s going on in a female’s mind. And we’d like to be a part of that but you don’t let us.

While guys tend to be less empathetic than a woman, that’s a great opportunity to educate guys as opposed to cutting them off.


Open, Honest, And Say No

Say ‘Yes’ if you mean yes, say ‘No’ if you mean no.

It comes across women can say ‘Yes’ when they really mean ‘No’. WTF?

Not only doesn’t this make any sense at all but it verges on lying. And we know you don’t really mean to lie so what’s all this yes/no bullshit?

It’s a real mystery to guys – maybe if we were women, we’d understand but we aren’t.

Guys are more direct and straightforward than a woman and that’s just who we are. Be at ease with our understanding and come over to our side and try to make us know who and what you are, inside your head.

We really do want to know you so we’re able to be your best friend in life.


Your Turn To Tell The World

That’s a brief account of the top 5 things that instantly came to my mind and I know there are others that guys would love to tell the world.

  • What’s your one top thing that women do that annoy men?
  • Which one annoys you the least? Be brave now :)
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5 Things Women Do That Men Don't Like 3

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5 thoughts on “5 Things Women Do That Men Don’t Like”
  1. there are many diferences between men and wemen, but the common thing of both is that they are constantly complaining about the others

    stop for a second and try to find the common ground: both want to be really loved :)

  2. Yes, I can’t stress enough how much being sexually comfortable is important. Guys do not nit-pick little body hang-ups like we do. They think we look great. You need to think the same! Be more confident, dammit!

    1. A great piece of advice from a woman, Trina so thank you for this.
      What’s your opinion on why men love the look of their woman where the lady continues to have these hangups? What needs to be done about it, in your opinion?

  3. Ok, guilty as charged on these, for the most part, that is lol
    A lot of us have a tough time in expressing ourselves in a sexual way. Maybe that's to do with self image or we're unable to get the words out. Some of us are also excited with sexual expression as well so don't say we're all sexually repressive but it's a good point to raise and I take your point.
    I know my boyfriend often raises the nagging one as the number one thing that pisses him off lol. I have to remind myself all the time to chill out

    1. Hey long time no chat there, sexbait, where you at?
      I’ve been with ladies before who were very very reserved and even noticably uncomfortable with their sexuality. To be honest I’ve never extracted the reasons why they were like that as it always ended up in arguing with them and them letting me know that I was hurling blame at them. Jesus, nothing could be further from the truth either.
      Women!! :)

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